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Appliance Resolution: Scheduling Service for the New Year

Looking back over the past year, you may find it extraordinary that your appliances persevered through constant use. But how many of us have serviced our appliances over the past year? In reality, for many of us, it’s been years since we invited maintenance experts into our kitchen and bathrooms to service our appliances. Here at S&S Appliance, we’re encouraging our customers to make a New Year’s resolution to service and maintain their appliances more often. 

Last month, we discussed preparing your appliances for the holiday season. We know that the overload of work from the holiday season is but a fraction of the unending toil to which we subject our ovens, refrigerators, and other small appliances. 

Here’s how a New Year’s resolution to service your appliances can ensure they remain able to keep up with the everyday demands in your household. 

New Year’s Resolution To Do Less

Schedule It And Forget It

Whether you’re single or married with three kids, life in 2022 makes it almost impossible to maintain household upkeep. From budgeting and finances to plumbing and guttering, there’s no end to the list of chores, errands, and responsibilities adulthood brings. 

A New Year’s resolution to allow trained service professionals to provide maintenance and repair isn’t a mode of surrender. Quite the opposite, servicing your appliances on your own would only add to the burden of responsibilities surrounding family, work, and personal obligations. 

It’s as easy as scheduling an appointment with S&S Appliances. All you have to do is schedule an appointment, mark it on your calendar, and ensure the extension of your appliances’ longevity and functionality. 

Spend Less Time & Money

Most New Year’s resolutions involve taking on more responsibility. We aim to exercise more, spend more time with our friends and family, eat healthier, the list goes on and on. 

Sometimes we need to look at where we’re doing too much. Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time and money repairing and/or replacing your appliances. This is the direct result of forgoing routine servicing of your appliances. 

Here at S&S Appliance, we offer customers across the Birmingham area the chance to receive comprehensive, professional service. We can say with utmost confidence that rarely do we provide this service without finding at least a few issues with various appliances. Without catching these issues early and often, our customers would have spent much more time and money scheduling repairs and shopping for replacements for these appliances. 

Make Your Resolution Happen Today

The biggest drawback to New Year’s resolutions are the fulfillment rates. It’s easier said than done to stick to that commitment to exercise, study, and better allocate your time. 

But your resolution to schedule a service appointment for your appliances is hardly as tough. With just one quick phone call, you can schedule an appointment for a comprehensive checkup on all your home appliances. Make life easier for yourself and call or visit us online today!

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