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Top 3 Appliance Service Tips To Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, meaning you’re likely to host many guests over the coming months. Whether it’s family gatherings or parties with friends, you want to do everything you can to prepare your home for the upcoming season, and that includes appliance service!

In addition to decorating and gift buying, your appliances are a key area to focus on. You have to ensure all of your appliances are functional, so everything goes smoothly for you and your guests. The S&S Appliance Parts & Service team has put together some DIY appliance service tips to help you be the best host you can be!


1. Clean the Refrigerator & Freezer

Naturally, you will use your refrigerator/freezer more than usual over the holiday season. You will have so much food that your guests need to store and keep fresh. Therefore, it’s wise to empty out both of these appliances and clean them thoroughly. You want a blank slate to fill your fridge with food and organize accordingly. 

As well as creating extra space by throwing out old things, this helps you see if both appliances are working correctly. Do you notice a massive build-up of ice in your refrigerator or freezer? This isn’t normal, particularly if the temperature is set at the standard level. It could indicate issues with the appliance, in which case some professional refrigerator repair services may be in order. The last thing you need is a refrigerator that doesn’t work during the holiday season!


2. Check the Oven Temperature

Did you know that your oven might be lying to you? When you set it at a temperature, the oven’s internal thermometer may claim it has reached this temperature but hasn’t. This misreading can happen over time as your oven builds up grease and grime. So, you end up cooking at a lower temperature than you think, which can impact meals and ruin parties. 

To check if everything adds up, purchase an oven thermometer that you place inside when heating the appliance. If the temperatures don’t match, you need an appliance service company to help. We can easily handle oven repair, so feel free to call us if you need to solve temperature issues. 


3. Test Your Appliances Before Guests Arrive

Go around your kitchen and test every single appliance you own. Ensure that each one works as it should, and make a note of any problems you encounter. 

A few common issues include: 

  • A dishwasher that doesn’t clean things properly
  • A washing machine that leaks or smells
  • A drier that doesn’t dry or leaves a bad smell on clothes
  • A microwave that makes strange noises

You need your dishwasher to work during this busy season. We offer dishwasher repair services if you need them, so pay close attention to any noise or signs when you run this appliance. The same goes for your washing machine and drier. If they aren’t cleaning or drying things correctly, you’ll need washing machine and dryer repair services. 

Testing appliances is the easiest way to notice if there are issues. Hopefully, all is well, but if you spot some problems, call an appliance repair company to look at things. Do all of this now, so you can fix the issues before the holiday season is in full swing. 


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