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S&S technician repairing a dishwasher

Warning signs that your dishwasher needs repairing

Among the home appliances we use the most, dishwashers experience more wear and tear than you might expect. Dishwashers, though typically used once a day, are quicker to require repairs than other appliances in your home due to the water and energy usage during a cleaning cycle. As such, it can be quite difficult to tell exactly when our dishwasher repair becomes necessary. 

At S&S Appliances we encounter all types of dishwashers. From older generation models to small and compact, our team of experts are able to efficiently repair your family appliance back to its glory. We’re able to discern between issues with subtle differences. What may sound ‘off’ with one dishwasher could be totally normal for another. 

Knowing when to repair your dishwasher requires a keen eye (and ear). Here are the top warning signs that your dishwasher needs repairing. 

Water Isn’t Pumping In Or Out Of The Dishwasher

This may seem obvious, but we can’t see into our dishwashers. It’s not always clear whether water is pumping, or pumping properly, into and out of the dishwasher. 

Water isn’t just pumped in and out throughout the entire cycle. Your dishwasher has a sensor that notifies when it’s time to pump water and when it’s time to drain. Water may not pump or drain properly due to a clogged drain or broken sensor.

It’s difficult to know exactly what could be causing the malfunction without proper professional examination. Should your dishwasher suddenly fail to pump water properly, reach out to our expert technicians at S&S Appliances for a consultation. We’ll let you know whether your dishwasher needs repairing. 

Dishes Aren’t Clean, Or Entirely Clean

Knowing there is a problem isn’t the same as knowing what the problem is. 

Modern dishwashers do not require that dishes be cleaned or even rinsed before washing. In fact, cleaning dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher could render soaps ineffective against deeper grease and smudge. Before leaping to the conclusion that your dishwasher is broken, make sure you aren’t cleaning your dishes beforehand. 

That being said, dishwasher drain screens can clog, causing food particles to linger on the bottom floor. During the next wash cycle, these leftover particles get tossed about, coating the next set of dishes. This cycle repeats itself, leaving you to wonder what’s wrong with your dishwasher. 

S&S serves folks across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. We have worked on many dishwashers and know a clogged drain when we see one. So if you see leftover grit and grime, your dishwasher may need repairing. 

Your Dishwasher Is Leaking Water

Dishwashers bring countless benefits to your kitchen. For one, dinner is almost done when you’ve finished cooking it—and so is most of the mess. All you have to do is load the dishwasher, click the button, and, voila! 

The simplicity of this revolutionary invention can quickly be ruined if it starts to leak – rendering your floors ruined and dishes forever dirty. Thankfully, just because your dishwasher is leaking water doesn’t mean it is broken. 

Before giving us a call at S&S Appliances, be sure to check whether you’re overloading the dishwasher. Dishes could be pushing against the door, leaving gaps for water to spill from. However, it’s also possible that your dishwasher’s seal is no longer working. In that case, let us know, and we’ll make sure the cleaning process occurs entirely inside the dishwasher, not on your clean floors. 

Cold Dishes

Finding cold dishes after a wash is perhaps the easiest way to tell whether your dishwasher needs repairing. Cold dishes are a simple indicator that the heating coil isn’t working properly. 

The heating coil ensures that the water sloshing within remains hot. A faulty heating coil fails to heat the water, and cold water is far less effective in cleaning the dishes. 

Here at S&S Appliances, we’ve seen a dishwasher or two. While we’re experts on the matter, our customers have better things to do than research all the reasons why their dishwasher needs repairing. Be sure to give us a call if anything goes awry, and we’ll get your dishwasher up and running in no time. 

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