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5 DIY Maintenance Tips For Your Kitchen Appliances

For many homeowners, starting the new year comes with dreams of home improvement projects, organizing ideas, and spring cleaning. Instead of diving head first into an extensive and expensive home renovation, take time to evaluate and clean your current setup of kitchen appliances. 

At S&S Appliance, we recommend starting your year with a deep cleaning of your kitchen. Our experts have put together some tips for getting your kitchen appliances in shape for the year. 

1. Take a Closer Look

While some appliance issues are apparent, some can be lurking under the surface. Inspect your stove, microwave, and refrigerator for broken pieces, dents, holes, or dirt. Then, test each appliance setting to ensure everything is running as it should. 

2. Clean Out Your Fridge

Another productive project to tackle is to clean out your refrigerator. You want your fridge to be neat, orderly, and, most importantly, free of any horrors! Take the time to check over your items and get rid of expired food or old condiments. Also, invest in organizing bins so everything is easy to find. 

3. Scrub & Shine

The new year is always a good opportunity to dive in and do a deep cleaning of your home. For your kitchen appliances, start with wiping down the exterior to remove dust or grime. The real challenge comes in taking time to sanitize the interior. Take into account the material of your appliance and use the correct cleaning products and methods on them.

4. Know When It’s No Longer Time for DIY

If you’ve been getting by with a DIY solution for that leaking freezer or faulty dishwasher, it may be time to invest in a long-term solution. Consider repairing and replacing any parts that are malfunctioning or causing you issues. While a repair comes with an upfront cost, quality appliance service keeps your home running smoothly for years to come.

5. Call A Professional for Routine Maintenance 

While it may be tempting to skip out on a routine maintenance plan for your appliances, it’s worth it in the long run! Maintenance reduces energy use, prevents costly repairs and replacements, and extends the life of your appliances. It is in your best interest to keep up with regular maintenance of your kitchen appliances since they are a costly investment. 

Call S&S Appliance for High-Quality Appliance Service

We understand the importance of having functional appliances in your home and can ensure your kitchen appliances are up and running again in no time. We can run diagnostic tests and offer you the best repair or parts replacement solution so you can get back to your normal lifestyle and routine. 

At S&S Appliance, we can identify any problems you encounter as an appliance owner and solve them quickly and efficiently. To schedule your next maintenance visit, contact us today!