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6 Warning Signs That You Need Appliance Repair

Whether you recognize it or not, your home appliances play a significant role in your everyday life. No one wants to go without their refrigerator or washing machine – even if only for a few days! To avoid that scenario, you need quick and reliable appliance repair and service if your appliances start having problems.

Warning Signs Your Home Appliance Needs Repair

When it’s time for appliance repair, you’d rather be proactive and call for professional service sooner rather than later. But how exactly do you know when it’s time for appliance repair?

Our expert service team at S&S Appliance has outlined the following warning signs that homeowners can look for when assessing their appliances. If you see the following warning signs, it’s time to call your trusted local appliance servicer.

1. The Appliance is Making Noise

Home appliances create some noise even when they are functioning correctly. The noise from appliances typically fades into the background like white noise. If you start to hear unusual noises such as loud buzzing, humming, clanking, or clunking, there’s a good chance that the home appliance’s internal components require repair.

2. The Appliance is Leaking Water

If you observe water puddling around the bottom of your home appliance, it’s likely that something isn’t quite right with your appliance. Standing water around your appliances can result from a broken part, internal leak, or a damaged seal. Additionally, this water can often cause mold to grow in your appliance if not dealt with properly.

3. The Appliance is Malfunctioning

Using your home appliances becomes almost second nature once you get into a groove at home. So when a home appliance is acting strangely, you often notice simply because it interrupts your daily routine. For example, if your clothes take longer to dry than usual, there is likely a problem. Another common problem is a refrigerator not keeping its cool. Pay attention to these malfunctions, and call your appliance servicer before the appliances break down.

4. You Receive an Unusually High Utility Bill

If your utility bills have recently spiked, your home appliances may be to blame. If your appliance is struggling and in need of repair, it can use more energy, water, or gas to perform. Putting off appliance repair doesn’t save you money in the long run. Instead, it can heighten your utility bills and even place you in danger if your electrical system is overloaded or gas is leaking into your home. If you’re experiencing this warning sign, call an appliance servicer today.

5. Your Home is Experiencing Power Problems

Another dangerous warning sign that your home appliance needs repair is the presence of power issues. If you experience flickering lights or power surges when using certain appliances, it’s time for repair. Additionally, some electrical problems can cause your home appliance to spark when plugging it in. If this occurs, cut the power by turning off the breaker to this area, and call professional help.

6. The Appliance Won’t Turn On

Finally, if your home appliance refuses to turn on, it’s unusable and requires repair. Before calling for professional help, do some simple troubleshooting. Make sure that your home appliance is plugged in, the breaker hasn’t flipped, and that any filters or vents are not clogged. If the appliance is still not working properly, call your local appliance servicer.

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