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Are Smart Home Appliances Worth It?

In our daily lives, we’re surrounded by technology. Most people have a smartphone and smart home devices, such as a Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Smart home appliances have increased in popularity, and the global smart home market revenue is forecasted to reach a value of
over $141 billion by 2023.

Having a “smart home” with interconnected devices and smart home appliances performing specific chores for you certainly sounds convenient and rewarding. However, there are several things to consider before purchasing smart home appliances. 

Our team at S & S Appliance has serviced many home appliances over the years, and our experienced service technicians have repaired many smart home appliances. As the largest independent servicer in Alabama, we have over 50 years of experience in home appliance service and repair. 

If you’re on the quest for creating a smart home, consider these tips from the home appliance experts.  


Are Smart Home Appliances Worth It?


What are smart home appliances?

Having a smart home appliance is not the same investment as purchasing a smart device from Amazon or even a new TV.

Common smart home appliances include:

These machines can come with a delayed start feature so you can run your dishwasher at any time, even after you’ve left your home. Some popular dishwasher models have built-in detergent dispensers, high-efficiency filters, adjustable racks, shelves with bottle jets for baby bottles and water bottles, and other features.

Dual Ovens and Cooking Range
By downloading an application on your phone, you could choose to heat the oven from anywhere. Then, when the oven is at the desired temperature, you’ll receive an alert. Other features include customizable burner size and configuration and multiple cooking technologies on your stovetop.

Smart fridges are a popular choice with many features. Some smart home fridges have a quick chill or defrost and other customizable temperature options. Milk about to spoil? There’s a smart home refrigerator that will send you a text alert. However, perhaps the most popular feature is an LCD touch screen that syncs with your phone, leaves notes, keeps a grocery list, looks up recipes, and reveals what’s inside your fridge without you having to open the door.

Washers and Dryers
Smart washers and dryers are designed to save you money through energy preservation. These appliances have the ability to wait for energy rates to dip before powering on. If you do need to wash your clothes during peak hours, it will use a low energy cycle.


Benefits and Disadvantages of Smart Home Appliances


Being able to start your appliances from your phone allows for flexibility and convenience.

Most smart home appliances are centered on energy-efficiency and saving of your home’s resources.


Projected long-term cost savings
By saving money on your home’s utilities, these smart appliances are projected to save your family money over the long term. 


High cost
Home appliances that feature advanced technology come with a significantly higher price tag than simpler appliance models.


Technology problems
Incorporating technology into home appliances often results in technology bugs or user-caused errors from challenging-to-use technology.


Maintenance and repair costs 
All home appliances require frequent maintenance. However, the costs of maintenance and repairs for smart home appliances are significantly higher than other appliance options.   


Smarter is not always better

The choice of whether a smart home appliance is the right choice for you depends on multiple factors, such as cost and long-term benefits. Ultimately, while smart home appliances can be appealing with their use of advanced technology, maintenance and repairs may add up to more than you think in the long term. However, do your research, evaluate your lifestyle, and you’ll be sure to make the right choice for your home.

If you’re considering switching to smart home appliances, weigh the factors, and reach out to our team at S & S Appliance for any guidance, maintenance, or installments. 


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